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     Hi! I'm Noah. Thank you for checking out my site! Over the years I have been lucky enough to document weddings in some really beautiful places around the world, but it's the people that make every backdrop come to life. I love seeing couples happy on their wedding day.

      As your cinematographer, I promise to blend in as if I were a guest. I won't be circling you on the dance floor or standing next to you during your vows. Most of the time I want you to feel like I'm not even there so you can relax and feel comfortable. The only time I might pause and direct you is during the allotted time with the photographer where we are capturing those dreamy golden hour shots. 

      Editing is the most crucial step in making any film great. There's a lot of work out there that makes wedding videography seem cheesy, overly romantic, and borderline narcissistic, but I promise it doesn't have to be that way. You can have a video that feels as fresh and unique as you are. There is no template or formula. Using my creative instincts and background in music, my goal in the edit is to make a film that tailors to your personality both with the music and cinematography.

What I like: Travel, exploring cities, guitar, swimming, hiking,  bouldering, camping, snowboarding, beach time

What I love: Spending time in nature, a relaxed bnb with friends, playing music, just the right playlist, spontaneous jam sessions, a good night of dancing, romantic walks in the city, a near perfect day with someone I love


A Little About Me

I grew up in a small town in PA. My family has always been passionate about photography and film, and I'm grateful to have grown up with a camera and a dream. At age 17, I took my first guitar lesson which led to a touring band after I graduated from film school. During that time I created my first wedding video and realized I could integrate my two loves - music and film.

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"Noah rules! He brought such a chill and calm energy to our wedding day and stayed very stealthy while capturing every special small moment from the entire day. He was flexible, attentive, and genuinely listened to our requests from the pre-sale, all the way through to the editing process. "

- Rachel & Nick

"You need Noah for your wedding day! After months of debating if we needed a wedding videographer or not, it was clear after receiving the teaser cut of our video that we most definitely made the right decision! We, along with our friends and family, were absolutely blown away with the final product. Noah has an incredible eye when shooting and knows what he needs to edit together a fun, and energetic wedding video that made us feel like stars!"

- Jackie & Matt

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