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 Hi! I'm Noah. Thank you for checking out my site! You should be pretty excited if you're here, because well... you're GETTING MARRIED! And that's a huge deal so CONGRATULATIONS!!


As your cinematographer, I blend in like I'm a guest. I might engage with people or ask your friends who they like more out of the two of you(just kidding), but I won't disrupt your evening or stand right next to you during your vows. I like to be stealthy especially during the planned events where everyone is watching.


My style is candid because years from now those are the moments you will want to look back on. Like the time I filmed the ring bearer dog taking a dookie in the middle of the aisle at the ceremony. Ok, maybe not that example but you understand, right? This is one of the most exciting times in your life, and I want to honor that in a way that expresses YOUR personality.


I like to mix handheld with smooth cinematic shots so that I can go between dramatic cinema and home video feels in the edit. Although I love candid, my filmmaker side still wants to get those dramatic shots, flying my drone over the coastline or using a gimbal to glide through a beautiful hallway. I also might break from candid during the allotted time with the photographer. There is an art to posing and moving for camera, and during a sunset photo session I want you to look your absolute best.


Editing is the most crucial step in making any film great. There's a lot of work out there that makes wedding videography seem cheesy, overly romantic, and borderline narcissistic, but I promise it doesn't have to be that way. You can have a video that feels as fresh and unique as you are. So much of the style and cutting choices come from the music. My background as a musician helps me identify the rhythm and mood of the edit so that it feels fresh.

What I like: Travel, exploring cities, guitar, swimming, hiking,  bouldering, camping, snowboarding, beach time

What I love: Spending time in nature, a relaxed bnb with friends, playing music, just the right playlist, spontaneous jam sessions, a good night of dancing, romantic walks in the city, a near perfect day with someone I love


A Little About Me

      I grew up in a family of artists. My father and sister were both photographers for a living while I was more focused on music and filmmaking. I was a film student at Temple University when a college friend asked me to film her sister's wedding. They loved the music video so much, and I had found a way to combine my craft as a cinematographer with my passion for music.

     After college, I began working for a production company out of Old City Philadelphia shooting and editing weddings with young fresh cinematographers. There I fostered a relationship with other talented shooters and editors to forge a partnership wedding film company that we started in Los Angeles. Finally, I decided it was time to break out and launch my own company Noahfest Weddings from my current home base in Brooklyn, New York.

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"Noah rules! He brought such a chill and calm energy to our wedding day and stayed very stealthy while capturing every special small moment from the entire day. He was flexible, attentive, and genuinely listened to our requests from the pre-sale, all the way through to the editing process. "

- Rachel & Nick

"You need Noah for your wedding day! After months of debating if we needed a wedding videographer or not, it was clear after receiving the teaser cut of our video that we most definitely made the right decision! We, along with our friends and family, were absolutely blown away with the final product. Noah has an incredible eye when shooting and knows what he needs to edit together a fun, and energetic wedding video that made us feel like stars!"

- Jackie & Matt

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